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Hedi Smith

Hedi Smith has been in prison since she was 21 years old for her role as an accomplice to murder. After 28 years of incarceration, the Board of Parole found her suitable and granted parole on June 21, 2012. Governor Brown will make a final decision on Ms. Smith’s suitability by November 21, 2012.

Ms. Smith was born in Germany in 1963 and spent the first seven years of her life in an orphanage, where she faced horrendous conditions and abuse. A United States military family adopted her when she was seven, and she spent her child going back and forth between the two countries and living in at least six different locations in the US. As an adult, Ms. Smith joined the military herself, serving in the Army before she was medically discharged. Soon thereafter, she became romantically involved with her codefendant. Within a short time, he he began to physically abuse her. When she tried to leave him, he found her and murdered the couple she was going to stay with. Ms. Smith complied with her boyfriend’s demands and fled the scene with him.

Ms. Smith has consistently expressed sincere remorse and regret for her part in the murders. She has become a model prisoner, taking an active role in many rehabilitative programs, including Choice Theory, Alternatives to Violence, and the Prison Pup Program. She has earned an Associates of Arts degree and forklift certification and become a skilled roofer and electrician. She has an impressive support system outside of prison and has already lined up several potential job opportunities for when she is released. Please join us in urging Governor Brown to allow Ms. Smith’s parole grant to stand.

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