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Leesha Gooseberry

Leesha Gooseberry

Leesha Gooseberry, now 44 years old, was convicted for the death of her abusive boyfriend when she was 19. Ms. Gooseberry was subjected to physical and verbal abuse as a child. When she was 15, she tried to escape from her tumultuous home life and ended up in an even more violent relationship with a 39-year-old notorious drug dealer. She was regularly beaten and raped. After a particularly brutal beating that occurred in the presence of their infant daughter, Ms. Gooseberry shot and killed her abuser.

Since her incarceration, Ms. Gooseberry has programmed extensively. She has taken on several leadership roles including serving as the Chairperson for the Women’s Advisory Council, mentoring younger inmates and participating in the hospice care program which provides support for dying inmates. She has attained a myriad of vocation skills and has maintained a strong support system in and out of prison.

She was found suitable for parole for a second time on July 6, 2012. Governor Brown will make his final decision in December 2012. Please join us in urging Governor Brown to allow Ms. Gooseberry’s grant of parole to stand.

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