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Sign the Petition to Parole 65-year-old Glenda Jo Virgil

Written October 31st, 2012 by

Glenda Jo Virgil, 65, has served 25 years for killing her physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive partner who, after beating Ms. Virgil for several hours, threatened to kill her to prevent her from leaving him.

Ms. Virgil is wheelchair-bound and in poor health. In September, doctors diagnosed Ms. Virgil with an aggressive form of lung cancer, and earlier this year she suffered four pulmonary embolisms.

Ms. Virgil would like to spend the end of her life with her family. In August, a panel of the Parole Board denied her parole for three more years for smoking cigarettes in prison. It is now up to the full Board and the Governor to determine whether the three-year denial will stand — and whether she will spend her last days in prison. Sign the petition below to urge the Board and Governor to reconsider the denial.

Sign the petition, and view more information about Ms. Virgil, by clicking here.

Read the NPR article about Ms. Virgil and victims of abuse like her by clicking here.

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